Hard Being Easy is the fifth episode of Season 1 of Girls. It was directed by Jesse Peretz and written by Lena Dunham


Charlie angrily breaks up with Marnie. She begs his forgiveness, and eventually they have sex. Marnie then tells Charlie she's done with the relationship. Hannah quits her job, her attempts at getting a monetary settlement for sexual harassment having failed. Adam is very cool toward her and doesn't seem interested in their relationship. Jessa has a fling with a former boyfriend.



Girls Season 1 Recap 500:52

Girls Season 1 Recap 5

Girls Season 1 Inside The Episode 503:05

Girls Season 1 Inside The Episode 5

Recap Inside the Episode
Girls Season 1 Episode 5 Clip - Not a Journal01:04

Girls Season 1 Episode 5 Clip - Not a Journal

Clip - Not a Journal

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