Rebecca is a minor character on Girls. She's played by actress Sarah Steele.


Biography Edit

Rebecca was born to her mother Margo, and an unnamed father. She's also mentioned to having a brother whose presumably older than her. When Rebecca was six, her father went to prison after being convicted for insider trading. This was initially kept from her until her cousin Hannah told her. Along with the fact that she'd probably never see her dad again. Because of this, she seemed to develop an unfavorable view of Hannah that stayed with her well into adulthood. She also dated a guy named Rick, who was a writer. By the third season, she's in med school studying to become a doctor.

Season Three Edit

Rebecca is first seen studying at her grandmother's house in Flo when she get's greeted by Hannah. She rebuffs her cousin's efforts to remain polite and appear interested in her life, adopting an attitude of superiority before inviting Hannah to grab a drink that evening. When the two meet up though, Rebecca shares that she doesn't drink on weeknights and only suggested they meet at a bar because she felt it "was the right place to go" with a person like Hannah. When Hannah get's upset by this statement and accuses Rebecca of always being rude to her, she brings up her dad before admitting that she doesn't have many friends. She does have a boyfriend named Dane, whom she only sees on Wednesday's due to his other girlfriend. When Hannah expresses disapproval of her relationship, Rebecca claims it's perfect because of how busy she is with her studies. She then launches into a passive-aggressive tirade about what awful people writers are until Hannah can take no more. They trade jabs, questioning each other's respective senses of humor, before Rebecca reveals that their grandmother once referred to Hannah as "loose." Later while driving back to the hospital, Rebecca answers a text from her mother and crashes into a parked car. She and Hannah end up needing medical attention as Hannah has to get stitches on her forehead, and Rebecca is put into a neck brace. After their mothers and aunt start arguing in front of them, Rebecca ends up holding Hannah's hand for comfort. She calls Hannah at the end of the episode to let her know that their grandmother had a heart attack after she left and died.

Trivia Edit

- Hannah is believed to be Rebecca's only first-cousin as their aunt Sissy did not have any children, and there's no mention of her having any through her father's side of the family.