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Sandy is a young intellectual Republican man played by the actor and rapper Donald Glover.

Season Two Edit

Hannah is shown to be casually dating Sandy (while still taking care of the injured Adam) in the premiere episode. He lends her his copy of “The Fountainhead”, and they have sex in his apartment. After dropping off Elijah's inebriated boyfriend George, Hannah goes to stay the night at Sandy's place.

In "I Get Ideas", Elijah starts taking issue with Sandy's conservitism, but Hannah brushes it off. When Sandy later gives her bad feedback on an essay she wrote, she turns the conversation around and makes it about his political views, resulting in their break-up. Though Hannah asks if he wants to have sex one last time before she leaves.


Sandy and Hannah break up.

Trivia Edit

- Sandy claims to Elijah that neither of his parent's are Republican.

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